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A film about Soft Boy Records, the Dublin rap collective flipping hip-hop's braggadocio on its head within Ireland's growing underground music scene.


"The film documents the group working out of bedrooms and makeshift studios, their music covering topics from the Repeal the 8th Movement, gentrification in Dublin and the pressure on Irish men to live up to the traditional idea of masculinity. Soft Boy Forever explores the mentality that has brought them together: not to harden up against the issues they face in a modern Ireland, but to ‘stay soft.’ They are the future of Irish music and this is Dublin today." - High Snobiety.


The documentary features some of the most exciting young Irish music talent at the moment, including: Kojaque, Kean Kavanagh, Luka Palm, Gaptoof, Brièn, Matt Finnegan, Five to Two, Henry Earnest, Wastefellow, jar jar jr. Highest viewed Boiler Room film on IGTV.


A part of Contemporary Scenes, a Boiler Room series uncovering underground collectives, artists and subcultures from across the world; subverting media narratives of young people globally through music. Winner of the Webby Award 2019 Music category.

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Writer & Producer
Director & Editor
Executive Producer

Director of Photography

B-Cam Op


Online Editor

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Sound Mixer
Sound Recordist


Hope Kemp

Ronan Corrigan

Joe Walker

Ben G. Brown

Jonny Boomer

Lia Hayes

Nathan Greenwood

Comrade Massie

Dan Guest

Evan Campbell

On behalf of Boiler Room

Head of Film

Development Lead

4:3 Creative Director

Chief Content Officer

Head of Marketing

Content Manager

Content Editor​

Joe Alexander

Anais Bremond

Amar Ediriwira​

Stephen Mai

Jess Morton

Jed Joseph

Tony McParland


"Boiler Room has shared an engrossing new mini-documentary tracing Ireland’s burgeoning underground hip-hop scene."


"If you’d rather stay in, you could do worse than to watch a new Boiler Room documentary, Soft Boy, about the booming underground hip hop scene in Ireland (I’m serious). The film follows Dublin-based record label and artist collective, Soft Boy Records, which was launched by rapper Kojaque after being told by labels and managers that his accent would be viewed as a “gimmick”."


"Irish hip hop: self expression in a changing nation."


"It’s an interesting watch. No doubt the collective are currently at the creative helm for some of the nation’s most vibrant art."


"Here are all the winners of the 2019 Webby Awards"


Hope Kemp | Kojaque | Luka Palm | Kean Kavanagh |Boiler Room | Soft Boy Forever | Documentary
Hope Kemp | Kojaque | Luka Palm | Kean Kavanagh |Boiler Room | Soft Boy Forever | Documentary
Hope Kemp | Kojaque | Luka Palm | Kean Kavanagh |Boiler Room | Soft Boy Forever | Documentary
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